company history

The company’s story begun when István Tatár, an ambitious engineer in mechanics, and Tibor Virág, an electrical engineer extremely talented in commercial affairs had met. They founded the company in 2005. Work had started in a small garage in Makó, based only on their talents, knowledge, and expertise. The personality of these two men – who focused mostly on the French market – is still a considerable factor in the everyday life of the company.

In the beginning, manufacturing of machine parts started for Sidel Blowing & Machines, French global company in the food industry. Later on, since 2010 the range of products has been enlarged to machine parts for park and road maintenance.

The small garage has grown into a large manufacturing plant of 1200 m² , the number of employees have tripled. Our long-standing customers have seen all of these positive changes taking place and welcomed them with satisfaction.

Our vision

Laying down future goals is only possible when knowing the past and being able to rely on it. To exploit and to develop the expertise and the experience accumulated through more than a decade is the goal that the leadership of GIMM Europa has set. As the smaller, earlier steps become bigger and more firm, so we would like to become a manufacturer of complete machines for the park and road maintenance. To achieve this we must do hard work in the present, by the acquisition of a competent machine park, the forming of the production work force, and by the exploration of the market, so that we would be able to fully gratify the requirements. We have started a rough journey, but we keep walking on.